Eros Prime Keto I will pay attention to the first:

Eros Prime Keto I will pay attention to the first: PROTEIN CONTRIBUTION According to EFSA data in 2012 (1) protein requirements in European population are 0.83 g / kg for adults and healthy elderly. The EFSA does not give any specific indication for vegetarians, which requires a review of the existing scientific literature in order to assess whether the same recommendations apply to the general population. The vegetable protein is able to meet requirements if a varied diet is consumed and that covers the caloric needs (2). If the diet is ovolactovegetarian, the recommendations of protein intake are the same as those of the general population. There are no current studies on nitrogen balance in strict vegetarians (vegans), so the recommendation of protein intake is estimated taking into account the limited data available and that the digestibility of vegetable protein is lower in some cases. Norris concludes that an intake of 1-1'1g / kg may be adequate, although more research is needed (3).

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