When I first started to study writing, I didn��t know why. As long as I heard the word ��compreposition��, my heart was full of disgust. This kind of hatred is like facing my own enemies, and this ��enemy�� is every day. I want to play "fighting" with me.y day, the teacher arranges to write a diary. This teacher is also true: do you still have to talk about a big circle? Isn't it a writing? Because of the disgusting mentality, the diary written every day is a few words, just to deal with the teacher; even if you can write hundreds of words, it is also patchwork. One day, my diary was written in a mess Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, so the teacher finally worried: I want to bring my parents to school! Say something to talk about my attitude towards learning during this time, as well as my requirements for the quality of the work, and so on. I always feel that I have been wronged Newport Cigarettes Price, and I can't write my diary. Why do teachers have to blame me again and again? Even if I should punish, this is not my fault? The answer is clarified: it is the diary - this "enemy" harms me, and the composition written by others is like "a wonderful pen," what about me? The shit doesn't work.nts have come, and all the methods have been tried. Two words - useless. I started to be tired of learning, and I didn��t have the enthusiasm for learningumn tour, the day before we set off, the teacher emphasized the precautions: What should pay attention to safety, what should be polite to pedestrians, I have not listened to it, my heart has already drifted to the place where we are going to travel. However, what caused me the most trouble: the teacher also said, let each of us bring a personal notebook Online Cigarettes, because we need to record what we have watched with the pen on our hands. This news is like a blue sky: composition, why don��t you let me go for a safe day? It��s hard to travel, how come you have to run over and messeluctance, I took a small book and went to the tourist attractions. I looked around and found that the world was so spectacular and magnificent! I picked up the pen in my hand and recorded what I observed. I didn't even let a butterfly.home, I don��t know what��s going on, I feel like I��m all in the air, I really want to write. I took out the text, combined what I recorded today and my feelings, wrote, wrote, wrote, felt a long story, and said that I couldn��t finish it. After I handed it over to the teacher, the teacher repeatedly praised: "Oh. , children, usually do not see you have such a cow! It seems that 'real people do not show' ah! Well, it may be that parents come to school will be more effective!" I - speechless.acher repeatedly revised my composition and took it to the district to participate in the competition. At that time, I got a second prize.lly, I began to fall in love with writing.ber 2012, I was writing a composition written by a teacher, writing and writing. I felt that there was no clue. I wanted to go online and search for a good essay to learn from it Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. I could inadvertently see the three characters of "Composition Network". Open it, wow! There are also online worlds that I didn't know, and there are so many tempting activities on the Internet. At that time, there was just the "October Prize Essay". I suddenly remembered that one of the essays we had written at the school was also the subject. I just put the essay into the manuscript. I never thought about winning the prize. However, the surprise appeared. : I accidentally received the certificate and prizes from the composition network Marlboro Lights, saying that I won the second prize, the prize is a multi-function voice alarm. I am ecstatic, I can't accept this fact at all. I am eager to open the composition network and look at the list of winners. I really won the award! I just don't believe my eyes!ext day, I told this teacher to the teacher. The teachers all praised me with a thumbs up and said that this is a great leap. Let me continue to work hard! Yes, where can you be smooth sailing on your journey? I can only rely on my own efforts to spell out a world of my own. story of my composition and writing is far from over. We will be exposed to essays throughout our lives. Writing is like a ��heart journey��, let us slowly wake up from the world of ignorance and ignorance.

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