utumn is a cool season, a season of harvest, and a season of hard work for the the fall, the park is full of colorful chrysanthemums, red, white, yellow and purple... a variety of colors add a lot of color to the are looking at the orchard: the pomegranate doll laughs and opens the belly: the apple doll is wearing a red dragonfly, and the dolls on the vine are wearing purple robes, like a purple crystal: orange? They wore orange coats and swayed in the autumn wind... The fruits all swayed in the wind, like the sound of wind chimes, echoing gently in the orchard, very beautiful.the orchard, it is cottonland to the east and maple forest to the west. Cotton land, full of white cotton, was blown to the ground by the wind, looking far away, like putting a white cotton coat on the mother of the earth. The maple forest is full of "fireworks," as the wind blows Cigarettes Online, just like where to burn.reading these two places, it is still not addictive. The best thing to look at is the field the south, there is a field, and it is a golden world. see, there is a high place, the sorghums are drunk, blushing, here are wheat fields and rice fields. The wheat and the rice people put on a golden wallet, lowered their heads, and they were very gentlemanly. Under them were a golden weed. The gentleman-like wheat and rice were to dance with them. .r we have finished reading, the peasant uncle is going to harvest, let us not bother them, let them harvestautumn, I love the colorful chrysanthemums of autumn Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I love the "wind chimes" of the orchard, I love the white cotton, I love the fiery red "fireworks" maple leaf. I love the drunken sorghum and gentlemanly wheat, rice. I even love the peasant uncle who is harvesting hard. Otherwise, if there is no peasant uncle, then we will not have such delicious food. If there is no peasant uncle's hard work and the sweat they drip, then we will have this. Beautiful and happy tomorrowYou are a beautiful season. It��s a cool season. It��s a season when the peasant��s uncle��s pay is rewarded. I really want to say to you, ��Autumn, I love you, you are a wonderful season.��The bird has a blue home, the fish has a transparent home, and I have a warm and happy home. Mom and Dad love me very much. favorite person?" I will not hesitate to answer: "Mom!" Mom is a teacher, work is very busy, but she never forgets to care about me, love me. Every morning, my mother always puts her into a variety of tricks and sends me the breakfast I prepared. When I go home from school, she is carefully preparing the dish I like the most; when I am sick, my mother is I don��t know what night, I am pouring water for me, asking me to ask for help; when I am learning, my mother said to me: "Don��t be discouraged, you have to believe in yourself!" Every day she will take time to study and communicate with me Marlboro Menthol 100S. A progressive mother is more happy than me; imes he yells at me, which makes me aggrieved and often wants to avoid him. But once, it was very late, my father��s mobile phone couldn��t get through, and my mother and I were waiting anxiously at home. "Dad is doing it? Nothing will happen?" I suddenly felt uneasy in my heart. "Hey, hey," the door rang, and I rushed to the door and pulled the door open. "Dad!" I hugged him. Dad was at a loss, only to see him panting, carrying a bag on his left hand and a bucket on his right, all of which I loved beef and squid. He also joked and said: "As long as the family life is good, everything is fine!" At that moment Newport Cigarettes Website, I felt that my whole body was soft Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and I really couldn't live without my father!

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