Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon

Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle Marlboro Cigarettes Online. In a blink of an eye, we have grown from a first-grade elementary school student to a sixth-grade big brother and sister Marlboro Cigarettes Price. During this period, the teacher��s teachings are indispensable, and the students�� care and love are indispensable. Looking back at the primary school life of six years is like stepping on a foot on the beach Parliament Cigarettes. Every foot is a memory of our past.I am going to leave my alma mater and go to another strange place to learn more knowledge. I think that my alma mater is so kind and harmonious. Here are the teachers and classmates who are getting along with us. Here we have a familiar one. Wood, every corner here has our most sincere memories.Strolling on the campus and looking at the runway, I remembered the scene where we once cheered for the classmates. When I saw the phoenix tree, I remembered when we used to play together, watching the small stage, I remembered that we used to The joyful and tense mood of the show, but it was only once, why did the previous days never return?Sitting in a familiar classroom and looking at the tables and chairs we have been sitting on, I have a scene in my mind: the English teacher is on the stage and meticulously texts Cigarettes Online, but there are always a few naughty classmates Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, teacher When you don't pay attention, pass the paper slips and open the gap; the math teacher is giving us half of the class, telling the joke to relax; the serious class teacher is criticizing the students who have not handed in their homeworkI remember, I used to complain why I was so eager to graduate in this class, but when I graduated, why is it another taste, just like knocking over the five-flavored bottle, it is very uncomfortable and I can��t help it. I burst into tears, tears burst out in that moment, and I remembered all the previous ones. I really want to go back to the past and return to the days when there are teachers and classmates...Goodbye my alma mater, I want to say to you: "I will always love you!" p

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