The third of the Spring Festival legend: posted Spring Festival couplets and door gods is said that the custom of the Spring Festival couplets started about a post-mortem period more than a thousand years ago Newport 100S. This is evidenced by history. In addition, according to the "Jade Candle Collection", "Yan Jing Years of the Year" and other records, the original form of the Spring Festival is what people call "peach."ncient Chinese mythology, there is a world of ghosts. There is a mountain in it. There is a large peach tree covering three thousand miles on the mountain and a golden chicken on the treetop. Whenever the golden rooster screams in the morning, the ghosts who go out to wander at night will rush back to the ghost field. The gate of the ghost domain is located in the northeast of the peach tree Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. There are two gods standing by the door, named Shen Yu and Yu Lei. If the ghost does something that is damaging in the night, the gods and the scorpion will immediately find and catch it, bundle it with a rope made of mang, and send it to the tiger. Therefore, the ghosts of the world are afraid of gods and stagnation. So the folks used peach wood to engrave them and put them at their doorsteps to avoid evil. Later, people simply engraved the name of Shenque and Yu Lei on the peach board, and thought that this would also be a good evil. This peach board was later called "Peach."he Song Dynasty, people began to write couplets on peach boards, one did not lose the meaning of Taomu Zhenxie Newport Cigarettes, the other expressed their good wishes, and the three decorated the portal for aesthetics. It is also written on the red paper that symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness. It is posted on both sides of the door and window during the Spring Festival to express people's wish for the good fortune of the coming year Cigarettes Online.rder to pray for a family's life, the people in some places still retain the habit of sticking to the door. It is said that two gate gods are attached to the door, and all monsters and ghosts will be daunting. In the folk, the door god is a symbol of righteousness and force. The ancients believed that people with strange appearances often have magical ambiguity and extraordinary ability Cigarettes Cheaper. They are upright and kind, and it is their nature and responsibility to capture ghosts and devils. The singularity of the ghosts that people admire is the strangeness. Therefore, the folk door gods are always glaring and sly, with a variety of traditional weapons in their hands, ready to fight with the ghosts who dare to come to the door. Because the door to my national residence is usually two pairs, the door gods are always in pairs.ter the Tang Dynasty, in addition to the previous gods and Yu Lei, the two people of the Tang Dynasty were the gate gods. According to legend, Tang Taizong was sick and heard the ghosts outside the door, and could not rest in the night. So he asked the two generals to stand by the door with their weapons, and there was no ghost harassment the next night. Later, Emperor Taizong painted the images of the two generals and posted them on the door. This custom began to spread widely among the people.

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