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League is a competition based largely on parity and the idea that the best overall club in the league shouldn't be too far ahead of even the worst side. Sure , the New England Patriots have found ways to remain postseason mainstays so long as quarterback Tom Brady has avoided serious injuries, but even the Patriots have lost playoff games and Super Bowl contests over the past decade. Despite New England's dominance of the AFC throughout the Brady era, there are still plenty of teams that should be able to contend for a Super Bowl berth between September 2017 and February 2018. It's not a stretch to suggest any one of the 15 clubs mentioned below could hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl LII comes to an end.With that said, every team, even the Patriots, has been guilty of multiple miscues during the current offseason that could prove costly seven months down the road. Teams win and lose Super Bowl titles during offseasons Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , so says the old football adage, and it's likely, if not guaranteed, at least some of the clubs mentioned in this piece will be left regretting huge mistakes they've made since the start of March. In some instances, the mistakes showcased here involve teams losing key players to free agency. Others, meanwhile , have to do with players teams didn't sign and/or didn't acquire during the NFL Draft. Only one team will be left standing when all is said and done, and it'll be interesting to see what mistakes that club overcomes during the 2017 campaign. There's a difference between picking a bust and drafting a guy that you shouldn't be taking in your fantasy football draft. This list will feature both of those categories of players, but let's break down what each is to avoid any further confusion.Bust: A player who enters the season with high expectations but finishes with minimal statistical results."Don't Touch" Player: A player who will probably put up decent numbers for you but you will end up taking too high in the draft, ultimately weakening the rest of your roster.It's a lot harder to avoid a bust than it is to simply draft smart. Busts can be born from a lack of talent around them, a chain of events that ultimately hurts your player. For example, Julio Jones and Randall Cobb are nice picks not only because of their own talents Ugo Amadi Jersey , but the fact that their the top receivers in offences led by Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. Replace those two with their backups and it's unlikely Jones and Cobb put up the number you would expect to them to get when you drafted them.Drafting smart, though, is really up to you. Often times players will get excited when they see a familiar name drop down to them in the later rounds of a draft. There's a reason those guys are dropping - the rest of us studied up and know these guys are declining, or are about to hit the downside of their careers (statistically). Sure, the name pops on paper, and he might break out once or twice during the year Christian Wilkins Jersey , but he's not the guy who is going to help your roster bring home a championship.Plan ahead, be prepared and draft smart - and avoid these names as best you can.* All ADP amounts are taken from and are correct as of August 5th, 2015.

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