Suddenly, the gap in the 2012 growth paper has been filled Newport 100S. I, this ugly duckling, has already slammed the door of 2013, stumbling and rushing to the place where the white swan was born in the dream. How much has it been left behind by me, and how much has it been forgotten? It has become history in 2012, and has it been spent by me? You see, I can answer all these question marks - my 2012 answer sheet is floating from memory:e first question: friendship 100 pointsough I don��t know when I will meet again, I don��t know if the familiar smile will be drowned in the sea, but we still believe in friendship Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, endless blessings, endless thoughts, even if the mountains are far away. Friendship will also be like "sea memory confidant Newport Cigarettes Price, the end of the world if you are next to each other", all the way out of flowers, planted into your heart. Separately, just say that you meet again. We will definitely remember: sweat on the playground together; in the classroom, we will break through the puzzle "Bunker"; the stage will bloom together... In 2012, this issue of friendship, I must be a perfect score! second question: 90 points in school end of the year Marlboro Gold, the field of knowledge also ushered in a bumper harvest. Look, that bright red 100 points, that one red check mark, do not all prove our hard work? Harvest! Harvest! However, there is no end to learning, so the 2012 academic problem can only score 90 points, and the difference of 10 points is to give yourself a room for improvement.hird question: 100 points of familyry day is surrounded by it, my mother��s embarrassment every day, isn��t it a deep affection? Dad, the rainy day is leaning toward the umbrella on my side, isn��t it a deep affection? Isn��t the scarf around my neck in the winter, is it a thick family? ... In 2012, I was the happiest child, because I was a perfect score for my family. fourth question: setback 100 pointse way to growth, how can every day be sunny? Although the setbacks are like thorns, this thorn also gives us a deeper understanding of life. The 2012 setback is also full: the tears after the unsuccessful awards are heard; the frustrations and annoyances after the puzzles are not made; the essays are not appreciative and full of sadness... is a setback, let us know our own strength. 2012 er the storm, there is always sunshine covering the earth. Our success is like the sunshine enveloping the road of life: the joy of winning the award climbs the eyebrows; the joy after the puzzle is hooked on the corners of the mouth; the joy of being praised by others is in the heart...but, "full Injury, modest benefits, to givegettable? Missing? Sad? Regret? But all this is already in the past Marlboro Lights. A new one, we will face the new 2013 and walk towards the dream place...

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