rom small to large, I have been growing up in my parents' care and cultivation, making me a good student. They poured all their love into me, making me always happy, I love them, they love me more. Despite this, when the teacher arranged the composition to ask us to express love to the parents in words, I suddenly dld, and his mood is not very good recently. He wants to take this opportunity to pat his flatter Newport Cigarettes Price, but he is afraid that the position is not taken, and the horseshoe is finished, so the heart has been snoring. It was only today that I was so worried th warm, I opened my eyes slightly, faintly heard the sound of the TV, "Hey!" Just listened to a gunshot from the TV, let me take care of it, immediately Woke up. I got up and got out of bed lazily and found that my dad was lying on the lounge chair and watching TV comfortably. I thought about taking this great opportunity and saying this to my father. I slowly walked to Dad, took courage, stood by him, just wanted to speak, Dad looked up at me and asked me casually: "Why?" Suddenly, my throat is like a fishbone card. I lived the same, I couldn��t say anything, and my face rose red. Dad saw it and asked me again inexplicably: "What are you doing?" I said with a sigh: "Dad..." After I finished the dad, I couldn��t help but swallow the rest Marlboro Cigarettes. Going back, Dad couldn��t help it at the moment, and yelled at me: "In the early morning, what are you doing, what are you doing, what are you doing?" I was so scared that I forgot to say the most important thing for a while. A few words. The situation was so deadlocked, my father saw me standing there like a statue, and gave me a look, turned my head and continued to watch his war films Newport 100S. After a few minutes, I finally got out of it. It was like a bear heart eating a leopard, and struggling to tell my father that the sentence had not been spoken for a long time Marlboro Lights, "Dad! I lhrobbed and thumped, and I felt a lot easier. I thought that my dad would smile after listening. Who knows it for a while, only listening to Dad is almost expressionless. Responding to me: "I don't need you to love, you just have to study hard, listen to a little bit, and be a little bit stunned, I am satisfied." My excitement suddenly fell Marlboro Gold, and at this time, the light reflected from the glass outside the window seemed to be facing me. Lalmed down. Now I finally want to understand. Although my father��s reaction makes me sad, my father asked me to study hard and be an obedient child. I am not teaching me what is it. The best love for them? Love, for mom and dad, don't need to say it, put it in your heart, learn to be a good student; in life, be a child!

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