Looking back 13 years ago, my weak life was born in an operating room. With the joy of my family and my painful crying, I grew up quietly. My family is undoubtedly happy, but on the operating table. Mother is undoubtedly painful. Maybe this joy is greater than this pain, but it needs someone to bear it.have lived in the country for a few years. I don��t understand why my mother didn��t pick me up, but lived in my grandmother��s house. Later I learned that because of my parents�� work, every time I went back to the country to see me, my mother would hide alone. I cried secretly in the corner; that is, I also know something about it. At this time, I also know how my mother misses and loves me Carton Of Newports. I want to know what happened when I was younger. But there seems to be another idea in my heart that I don't want to know what happened when I was young, because I am afraid that after hearing these things, I will be sad and sad.Thirteen times of spring, summer, autumn and winter, thirteen times of flowering and falling, numerous sunsets, and now, it is a year of spring breeze, when bathing in the spring, time slipped away from me unconsciously. It flows into the stream of time, there is no sound and no shadow, as if it has not happened. The only thing that can be proved is that the mother��s love for me is not flowing away with the flow of time. Everything in this world can be It��s gone, but my mother��s love for me doesn��t change. It��s not going to deteriorate. It��s just like wine. The older the wine, the more fragrant it tastes. Let the people of this world cherish more and more, only the mellow can be remembered, never forgotten.Thirteen years, I have been with my mother for thirteen years. The thirteen years of my mother��s love for me is like a spring breeze. The place where the spring breeze passes is full of green flowers Newport Cigarettes Price. Now I am the flower. The most vivid one. My mother��s love for me, thirteen years is just the beginning, and this beginning is never over.In the past 13 years, my performance and behavior have not been very good, I often don't listen to you, and often talk to you, and even quarrel with you, let you chill... although you will forgive me every time. Although you don't say it, I know that you have forgiven me in my heart. I used to like this kind of silent forgiveness. This kind of forgiveness in my heart, so I used to quarrel and bicker with you. You finally couldn't bear it, and I had a fight with me. Since then, you seem to have changed the same, no longer care about me, and become indifferent to things about me, but you really become indifferent, the answer is definitely wrong. It��s just a punishment for me. This kind of thing only lasted for a month and then returned to the original look. Finally, I looked down like a child of three or four years old. A smile and look that made you laugh, you will laugh after you laugh. It is. In this short month, your "indifferent" method made me understand that I am just a young eagle, a winged young eagle Marlboro Gold Pack, not flying, not going, hungry At that time, "֨֨" is called, only in the mother's arms can grow, slowly grow, grow without worry, bathe in the spring breeze, only then can grow up, thoroughly Breaking away from the mother's arms Cigarettes For Sale, become an eagle that can soar and sky. At that time, the mother was old and became an old man. At that time, the mother needed us to take care of them. When the mother let me grow up, it was to prevent the old age. As the saying goes: "Children are anti-aging. "I am obviously not right in this sentence. I still haven't done it yet, but the future will be fine."ow I am still the young eagle, my mother is my home Wholesale Cigarettes, only where I can get warmth, any wind and waves will be still there.I will only make you angry now, but you can rest assured that I believe that it is only a young rebellion, and will soon pass.

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