In the morning, the lake is silent. One gray, one white,

In the morning, the lake is silent. One gray, one white, one yellow, three little rabbits, happily flapping butterfliddenly there was a bang in the lake. This strange voice scared the rabbits. I just wanted to see what happened, and I heard a "squeaky" sound, which scared the little rabbits. "Run, come, run away!" They turned and ran Marlboro Red. The fox is dancing with the bird and has a full encounter with the running rabbit. When the fox heard "Hey!", he was nervous, a also awakened the sleeping bear and the monkey on the tree. The bears and the little monkeys did not ask for the indiscriminate, and followed them to run. The elephant was surprised and pulled the fox and asked, "What happened?" The fox said breathlessly: "Hey, it��s a three-headed, eight-legged monster..." So the animals that followed along the way came The more, the hippo, the tiger, the wild boar... The riots on the shore made the frog in the lake very surprised. It stopped the frightened partners and asked, "What happened?" It��s a terrible monster to describe the �����ˡ�. The frog asked: "Who saw it?" The bear pushed the monkey, the monkey pushed the fox, the fox pushed the rabbit, and no one saw it with his own eyes. Everyone decided to go back and see and understback to the lake, I heard a bang, and a closer look turned out to be the sound of papaya falling into the water Cigarette Online, and the animals could not help but laugh.Everyone has a dream, so the dream come true has become our long-standing belief. Many want to make dreams come true. Those who work hard can't decide Marlboro Menthol 100S, but those who don't work hard will never succng a dream for yourself when you are young can prompt you to work hard to achieve it. The dream is the sun, illuminating every dark corner. Make life full of hopto become a biologist. Because there are many animals in the world, they are on the verge of extinction because of human beings. I want them to survive because of human beings Marlboro Gold. Biologists are my dreams. Once I dreamed about China. The giant pandas are no longer rare, and even become pets of every household. what! What a beautiful dream Newport Cigarettes. Even if I can't achieve this dream, I have to work hap of success. Every hard step is still on the second level, and we must constantly improvesee that biologists treat, feed, and protect various animals, I want to be one of thals can understand humans as well. Animals and animals are harmonious, happy and carefree, animals do not have to worry about human capture. Isn't that everyone's dream? Not a Chinese dream? Protect animals from now on.

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