In the fourth and fifth grades, everyone grew up a

In the fourth and fifth grades, everyone grew up and became the senior and junior school student Cigarettes Cheaper. Everyone is nominated to be a patrol or librarian to the teacher How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The teacher is also always alert to us. As a senior student of the lower grades, Sister Xue, we should erect a good example to the schoolchildren, and the school girl, don��t let them go astray.After so many years, I finally came to the sixth grade. This year's life is stressful and scary, and people don't know how to be good Marlboro Red. In this year, we must pass the final exam for the sixth grader. In addition, we must also be separated. Time is like a tidal wave. Six years of life at this school is about to leave.dbye to my classmates and teachers who have been with me for six years. I have been accompanying me to the The cold wind blew, but the students were warm. Because I am going to the autumn tour today, this is what the students have been waiting for for a long time. Everyone carrying a big bag of snacks, happily followed the teacher out of the school is coming, the car is coming." The students cheered. After getting on the bus, the students talked and laughed along the way. The wind doll is saying hello to us: "Break the wind, I wish you a good time!" In the "earth war", the students ran off the car like an arrow that was only off the string. There are several turrets that are printed in the eye, and the scene that appears in my mind is a bloody scene: "A few decades ago, Xiamen and Kinmen went to war. They used guns to directly blast to Kinmen, and Golden Gate also placed cannons. When they rushed to Xiamen, the people lived this life of gunfire..." Nowadays, it is already a peaceful place, there is no war, no artillery. I deeply feel that the speed of economic development is amazing! Today, the fort has been rusted, leaving a trace of history. Most of the items in the garden have also been remodeled. We walked into a land temple. Hey, what are you doing at the Land Temple? My heart was suddenly confused. Without waiting for me to think more, the teacher called everyone to go, and I was busy with it. As I approached it, there was actually a hidden tunnel in the temple of the land. I "drilled" the tunnel with the crowd. The black pressure in the tunnel Marlboro Menthol 100S, despite a small light, does not work, but it makes people feel terrible. From time to time, the intimidation of the boys was heard. The timid girls have issued a burst of diplomatic relations. After a while, more and more people were drilled into the tunnel Parliament Cigarettes, and the tunnel was crowded. At this time, poor me was squeezed by the crowd. After a while, the crowd slowly dredges. We continued to move forward and found many holes along the way, such as: Caojingdongkou, mill hole, pot platform hole, big tree hole, bandit hole and so on. After studying these strange and magical holes, we rushed out of

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