I don't know what the heroes are in other people's minds, maybe they are very tall and powerful, and they are amazing people! For example, Lei Feng, who did not leave a name, invented the king Edison, Yang Liwei, who was in space, Liu Hulan, who was unyielding Marlboro Cigarettes, and who was physically disabled, and the talented Beethoven.Yes, they are indeed admirable, and they are heroes in various industries. However, the heroes in my mind are very ordinary. He was an uncle who got up early in the morning and sold him early. He was a little white-collar worker who saw his grandmother crossing the road when he was late. He was a policeman who did not sleep in the middle of the night to pick up prisoners. He cleaned the environment for everyone at 5 or 6 in the morning. The cleaner, he is a farmer who is not afraid of farming in the hot sun. He is a construction worker who builds high-rise buildings... These people are heroes in my heart. They should do their own thing for each of them. They all have one. A kind heart.The so-called hero is not a person who has difficulties in the country or the people. If there is no difficulty, it is to do your own thing in your own position, to make this society more harmonious, and to always give a silent contribution to your position. Are those not heroes?For example, the teacher, he is a hero. He pointed to the maze when we were confused. He guided us to the right path when there was a fork in our life. He taught us in a serious tone when we made mistakes. He helped us when we had difficulties. His name is not necessarily widely circulated, and even few people know it, but his power is so great, and he has cultivated a new master for his motherland!The hero in my mind is so ordinary, but it is so great. The hero is an ordinary person in my mind. As long as the heart is good and silent, it is a hero! Life is to strive for every success, but every success is the most.My grades are not good, but I prefer writing. I remember that the teacher read my composition in front of the class. I was very excited. But because of mischief, I was often criticized by the teacher. I was bored with the teacher. My composition is a joke! I want to let my classmates laugh at me! But I was wrong. The teacher gave me great encouragement and I was moved. I started to buy too many workbooks, and I decided to give the teacher a reward. I watched the clock every day from 8:00 to 10:00, which I usually slept Carton Of Cigarettes, and I didn't want to sleep. I would rather review more time. I encouraged myself to work hard, work hard, and I got good results in the final exam. Then I got good results. Take a sigh of relief. Then I worked hard for the success of the second half of the year Online Cigarettes. Yes, I only have half a year left in my alma mater, so I have to work harder, it��s still 10:00, that is both familiar and unfamiliar, but this time I didn��t choose Learning, but playing mobile phones every day, I did not choose to study, the results plummeted, just when I was aware, decided to continue learning, but I found that I could not keep up, I cried, I intend to give up. At this time, the teacher continued to give me a lot of encouragement Cigarettes Online. I worked hard. I didn't know why I learned, tried hard, and waited for the 10:00 bell to ring the study, but I found out that I was really useless.I still have a distance from the success distance Newport Cigarettes Website. Behind that little success, maybe it��s not just the 10:00 bell. The one that gives me the most motivation is myself. However, I don��t have the motivation to practice, but I hold it every day. It��s still useless to get to the phone at 10:00, I realized it, but regret it is too late, I continue to move forward, but found that some tired, tired and overwhelmed. . . This is the pay of success, this is the price of playing a mobile phone.

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