Display responsibly! Where to Keep Your Pistol Rack in the Home

As a gun owner, you understand the right to bear arms comes with the responsibility to safely and responsibly store your guns.  By abiding by your city or state's laws on gun storage and liability laws, you will help to ensure that your gun is never a part of an accident or used without your permission.  This is why many gun owners use a quality gun safe.

If you choose to display your guns in a pistol rack, then you will want to do so responsibly.  Here's a look at some of your options.

Locking Rack

This option will allow you to display your firearms, while the lock will help reduce risk.  Of course, this option is more vulnerable to invasion than a gun safe, since the wood and glass can—with enough effort—be broken open.  This is why you'll want to choose the location of your rack wisely.

Location, Location, Location

When deciding where to display your gun rack, keep these options in mind.

  • Inside your gun safe

  • This is the safest way to store it and will provide a clean, organized, and accessible set-up. Whenever you want to show-off, you'll be able to pick and choose exactly who gets to see the inside of your gun safe.

  • Make sure your rack is at a height that is out-of-reach of children.  

  • Store it in a room that provides you with the most access.

  • Avoid visibility from outside.  Displaying your gun rack for the whole neighborhood to see is not the best place for your gun; safe places will be just outside of visibility.

  • Outside a gun safe

At Steelwater Gun Safe, we leave no doubt in your mind about the quality and security of our gun safes.  Feel free to visit our website to see the pistol racks available for your quality gun safe.  Or call now for your best deal on gun safes: 1-866-278-8022.

Safes orders receive "Garage Delivery" or "Curb Side Delivery with Liftgate", from SteelWater Gun Safes!


  • Free Garage Delivery includes the driver (1 person) unloading the freight from the truck and placing it into a customer's garage and/or first available covered ground floor area.

  • Free Curb Side Delivery with Liftgate includes the driver (1 person) unloading the safe from the truck as close to the curb of the destination address as possible.

Find out more about SteelWater Gun Safes' Free Shipping Terms

A free dehumidifier is included with all gun safe purchases, excluding pistol safes and accessories. The free dehumidifier will be shipped inside the gun safe.

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