As the saying goes: "Father loves the mountain.

As the saying goes: "Father loves the mountain." Yes, my father is like the Chinese nation's thousands of fathers, the deep love, the regret of love, the open-mindedness of love, the proud shore of lhere is a cup of jasmine tea on the glass table in the living room Marlboro Red 100S, which gives off a faint fragrance, just like the taste of my childhood, naughty and simpl come back now! Where are you going to go crazy? You know what I am doing with your mother! From now on Online Cigarettes, you will leave me in the room to read a book, no one is allowed to go!" In my impression, this is the first time my father has yelled at me because I went out to play. This time, did I really make him angry? Looking up to find Dad's figure, I saw the back of his tu always been strong, do not like to cry my nose, I do not know why I saw the moment after my father's back, suddenly there is an impulse to cry. I looked up at the white ceiling like Jasmine and tried to "swallow" the tears rolling in myof Dad��s order, I had to soak in the sea of ??books every day. Perhaps the brain can't accept so many books a day, making my head feel very painful. I was preparing to go to bed for a nap and rest, but I smelled the faint fragrance. I found the cup of jasmine tea on the desk along the scent, and it was still hot and scented with a refreshing scent Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Take a closer look and there is a note under the cup. Hey, who will use this soil method this year? I picked up the note and took a closer look Cigarettes For Sale. Suddenly, my eyes were blurred, but my mind was still clear. On the note is the handwriting of a pencil, a workmanship, a too impulsive just now. Just next time I went out to play, I couldn��t say hello to us for so long, otherwise my mom and I would worry about you. Daughter, go play. Dad shouldn't restrain you. Your childhood should have been like this, naughty and simple. Dad will always supporup of jasmine tea on the table still exudes a refreshing fragrance Parliament Cigarettes. Just, in the taste of my childhood, I still have the fatherly love of my father.

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